Reflection on Blogging

To be honest, I did not think that I was going to find a topic to blog about, yet alone how to even do “blogging.” Some people are really good at it with the most interesting topics, funny titles, and creativity in their writing. Blogging is definitely to me a type of art. You sit there and think what not only interests you, but your readers as well. Then, once the thought gets into your head you sit there and just type. You type away at the computer, starring at your screen for so long that you get a headache, and your fingers start to cramp up because they are trying to keep up with the thoughts in your head on what to write at the same time. Even right now my left pinky is starting to twitch. Blogging takes skill, time, patience, and a lot of work. I ended up enjoying this class and the assignments that I had to do for my blog. Yeah, maybe not one of you read any of my shit, but i don’t care. For me, I got to learn much about how social media is such a mass medium for our generation, and I learned more about my inquiry topic, fitness. I got to show my skill on my knowldege for fitness as well as improve it by looking up information and following new accounts on Instagram. I have learned that when an idea pops up in your head, it is there for a reason. It was triggered by another thought, or something you hear, or something you see and it MUST be written down because clearly it is somehow important to you. Who knows, maybe it could be an important thought to someone else too but they just didn’t think of it quick enough.

It is important to use writing as a form of speaking your voice. You have something to say, write it down. You have a huge concern? Write it down. Just as speaking, writing can also be just as “loud.” By writing on any source of social media, thousands of people could end up reading it; rather if it be on Facebook, Twitter, or even your own Blog.

What I will take away from this class is how to write on a blogging format, grab a readers attention, and the importance of jotting down your feelings, thoughts, ideas and voice.

I am going to employ social media personally by making sure I watch what I put on the internet such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You never know who is scrolling through your feed and once it is up, it is always accessible. For my professional side, it is a way to help me learn how to properly type in a way that I speak. You write how you talk, so by me performing any type of writing on media, I have to make sure my sentences and language make sense and are in the proper tone.


Most frequent words: Fitness, Workout, Social, Routines, Moment.



MTV’s Movie Awards last night was hosted by Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. They did an absolutely fabulous job with keeping the crowd and viewers pumped and entertained, plus who doesn’t LOVE these two males.

As introduction to introduction occurred throughout the night of different movies to vote for as well as introductions of performances, there was one that definitely caught the crowd in shock.

It was said by many how Ariana Grande led MTV’s Best Musical Moments last night during MTV’s Movie Awards of 2016. The innocent looking Ariana Grande to DID in fact kill her performance of “Dangerous Woman”.

The most common word I noticed while following this hashtag during and after Grande’s performance was “slay.” Just about every hashtag and every source that has a recording of the performance uses this.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Watch Ariana Grande SLAY her MTV <a href=””>#MovieAwards</a&gt; performance: <a href=””></a&gt; <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; ELLE Magazine (US) (@ELLEmagazine) <a href=”″>April 11, 2016</a></blockquote> //

Besides the amazing performances, clips of movies, and acts on stage something else did catch my attention.

I am absolutely in love with Ryan Reynolds, but I was surprised when he was discussing a movie being mad that he was recently in and said how “it wasn’t all unicorns and cocaine.”

Okay so obviously he is just trying to get the crowd laughing because 1. there is no such thing as unicorns, but I did not know that it was okay to reference illegal drugs in a speech that would be viewed by millions.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Just 75% unicorns and cocaine <a href=””>#movieawards</a&gt; <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; ELLE Magazine (US) (@ELLEmagazine) <a href=”″>April 11, 2016</a></blockquote> //

I don’t take his speech and certain things about it offensive and personally. This is just simply me being unaware that you were allowed to have that content in a speech, but especially when I excepted his to be maybe more formal? Maybe that’s just me.


Social Media meets Fitness: Week 9

On Facebook we all have realized how ads on the sides pop up for us to catch our eye on our timelines. This, as many of us know, is all based on previous searches that we have looked up on the computer concerning our interests on topics to read or even things to shop for.

The other day while on Facebook an article came up from the website This website has articles that covers just about anything and everything. I am constantly finding myself somehow on SpoonUniversity without eve realizing it. Anyway, the article is called 7 Easy Ways to Make Your Workouts more Effective. Well as we all know I’m a workout freak, of course I clicked on it.

In this article it gave the reader 7 easy fast tips to step up your (my) workout game to make the most out of your time as well as see faster results. I’m not to sure exactly what to expect but as reading through it, it doesn’t hurt to try it all out.

So, I’m going to share these quick and easy steps with you that Spoon University has taught me.

Tip 1: you should eat at least an HOUR BEFORE your workout. If it is a big meal it should then be 3-4 hours so then it all can digest, making sure your body has the energy and fuel is needs. Your meal should have protein, carbs, and fats. If you are having a snack, have it an hour before your workout. It should be no more than 200 calories. Why? Because this will help your energy levels through your workout without that crash of energy at the end.

Tip 2: Walk or Bike to the Gym ( if you can). This is a great way to get your body warmed up before your workout so once at the gym you are ready to GO GO GO.

Tip 3: Always Set Goals and Make A Plan. If you have a plan on exactly what you want o do for your workouts, this keeps your heart rate going to help burn calories instead of walking around indecisive on your next workout routine.

Tip 4: Start with Strength Training! This to me is really useful since I normally aways do cardio first. I started to realize that would get me tired and not in the full mode of lifting weights. This is why LIFT FIRST! Doing this has shown more of a production of burning fat than just doing one or the other.

Tip 5: Switch up your Routines. As I have discussed in previous posts, you should always switch up your workout routines!

Tip 6: STRETCH! make sure you stretch before and after workouts. This helps you with getting a more full range of motion. It helps release tension, increase your blood flow, helps with soreness and can also prevent injury

Tip 7: Refuel. you want to refuel your body with the proper foods after your workout. After your workout you have up to an hour to eat. This is your prime eating hours! Your body is still burning off fuel and fats so this is your time to indulge in those healthy post workout foods and gain energy that you have lost. DO IT FOR THE GAINS.

Follow these easy simple 7 steps and I promise you will have one of the best workouts.

Social Media, typically Instagram and Facebook has helped me learn so so much more about the things I love and find all my interest in. Without these forms of media I would have lack of knowledge on certain workouts, tips, health choices and many other things.

Stomping on the American Flag

Tuesday, April 5th, a clip from a video of Fox Business News was shared on my timeline based on a group of Americans stomping on the American Flag as a sign of protesting. The action that was taken has really fired up Americans and even people at the protest in witness to this. The announcer states from Fox News that “whoever is running against Hilary Clinton, we have to make sure that that person gets elected. For people all around the country who are looking for a reason to come out and vote this November, this is what we are up against. This is the contrast between the Republicans and the Democrats, the right and the left.”

It follows with him reporting and reminding us that WE, AMERICA, have both Republicans and Democrats fighting for our country in all branches of the military. We should never see conservatives stomping on the American Flag.

Most men in my family have served in the Navy and Air Force and I have many MANY close friends and parents of friends who are overseas, battling, and away from their families for years at a time. To me, regardless of what side you stand on rather if it be Republican or Democratic, YOU have no right to stomp on the American Flag.

The American citizens that are constantly day to day putting their life on the line for the safety and representation of ours and our country did not do this for the insult and disgust of what has just happened in this past weeks news. It to me is very disturbing and shameful that people would even consider doing such a thing. I am definitely one of those people that this has fired me up and have no problem with saying that you are scum to me as well as scum to many others and if you don’t like it here than you can get out.

This is not a way to “voice” your opinion on who we should and should not vote for as President this coming November, but instead shows who NOT to because we clearly do not want people like you to control our country.

The American Flag is a symbol of freedom and being able to believe in whatever we want. It signifies purity, innocence, hardiness, valour, vigilance, perseverance and justice.

If you do not agree with Trump and what he stands for or believes in, then simply just vote on who you want that you believe will MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Maybe try writing blogs to get your voice out or find other formal and proper ways to let your voice be heard. This way, i promise was a complete shameful and disappointing way to come about it.

A marine veteran that happened to be by the protestors whole this was occurring walked up to one of them and said, ” I did 10 years in the Marines so you could do that, you’re welcome.” In response the protestor gave him the middle finger.

It is sad and breaks my heart to know that now compared to how it used to be, Americans find that it is an okay to step on the American Flag. The disrespect is has to not only the people fighting for us, but the disrespect it shows to you and your country is what they must not realize. Back in the day veterans and people still in the military were always being recognized and thanked. This wouldn’t have been a thought of ever doing. Today, people like to takes things to far thinking it will get the attention that they are seeking. Does it get attention? Hell yeah, but not the voice they are trying to make but instead the uprise of Americans wondering how much more disrespectful can a person be?

Fitness: Socia Media Week 7

Following Ashley Nocera on social media has helped me learn so many more workouts for all parts of the body and the benefits as well as outcomes that each will have. This week I have actually been pretty sick so I haven’t gone to the gym as much because the little energy I have left I have been putting it more into school and resting, but a fun and challenging workout I did do today was dead lift. Dead lifting helps shape your physique and develop all sorts of muscles. It’s basically an all body workout.

Dead lifting, just like every workout, has to be done in proper form to prevent injury. Don’t start off with heavy weight because over doing this particular workout can cause may problems especially when it comes to your back.

When you dead lift, you need just two items: a lifting bar, and your round plate weights of your choice. I grabbed a 35 pound bar and two weighted plates of 25 to start. ( One for each side). As Ashley demonstrates, you place the bar by your feet in front of you, bend your knees slightly bending your back as well so you are slightly hunched over, keep your chest and head up, grab the bar and pull up straightening out your back so you are now in full stand up position. Once you have hit this position you then slowly lower he bar back on the ground. This is one set. I do this 10x in my first two sets. As not only Ashley’s videos shows, but many other pages on social media, you want to go up in weight to gain strength. I then place with the 25’s an extra 10 on each side and repeat the workout 10x in another 2 sets.

Social media has helped me with motivation to workout by learning new workouts and wanting to always try new things. It has helped me in my personal fitness journey and healthy lifestyle that will benefit me. If you are a person who does work out, or is someone that would like to get into it but needs to find the motivation to just get up and go, I recommend you following different fitness accounts that shows how to properly do workouts, and even accounts on healthier choices of food that can replace bad habits that you may have today.

social media can wait.

It’s safe to agree that social media is way overused in this day in age compared to what it once was years ago. Back in the day when your child misbehaved at a restaurant, the parent or guardian would bring the child outside for a serious talk or possible spanking. As a child you were expected to behave at not just being out in public, but as well as in your own home and in your own dinning room. You were expected to engage in conversation as you got older with such topics about how your day was, how was school, what did you learn and many more questions because your family was curious in your days events.

I have worked in the restaraunt industry for 6 years. Through these long, very long, 6 years I have seen the decline in person-to-person conversation from all age groups. This is to me very sad. I used to see children come in with their families all happy and smiling because they were excited for this experience to be with their loved ones, and most importantly receive the desserts that they would be given if were to behave. Throughout time, I have seen a change in the reasoning of the smiles that used to come with the people that walk in. These smiles from these kids have now only formed because they know that once their butt is in there seat that they would get to be on their phones looking through social media the whole night. They are now smiling and laughing not with their family and friends, but with stuff that they see on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They laugh to themselves, not engaging in conversation, because it has suddenly become more important to them than a simple hour and a half convo with the people that they are with.

Back when I was a kid it was considered “rude” to be on any form of technology at the dinner table, rather in a restaurant or my own home. It was frowned upon and also an embarrassment towards my family. I actually never would have thought about even being on any sort of social media as a kid while with family because like why would I want to? Growing up in my Italian home, family events and time was very precious and meant everything to not only me but each member. Why would I want to hurt, for example, my grandparents feelings by not seeming to care about spending time with them? My heart would be crushed if I ever hurt anyone in my families feelings. Maybe I’m just a really caring and family oriented person.

My friends and I were just talking the other day about how we didn’t even have our first cell phones until we were in about 7th grade, maybe 6th. This was only because we either walked to and from school or had after school sports and activities and would need to reach our parents to get us afterwards. Today I see kids still in Elementary School walking around talking about Instagram and other social media apps as well as complaining that they don’t want the  iPhone 6 anymore and can’t wait to get the next one coming out this year.

The access to social media is so easy that it has corrupted kids of all ages as well as adults to become less social and more rude and even socially awkward.

Besides kids, I’ve seen couples come on dinner dates and the whole time one or both of them are most of the time on their cell phones. Is this what our world has come to?! That the evolving of more and more different forms of technology and types of social media is affecting the real-life, person-to-person social life, even on dates!? I love going out on dates with my boyfriend. It is the time when you both set aside any stress going on with each persons’ life and get to enjoy this time with the one I love most. It is the time that I can’t wait to get, especially since he’s back at home. Every moment is so precious and every talk helps you grow closer to that one particular person. Rather if it’s my first date, or my hundredth with that person, never once have I nor will I ever take my phone out during a date. Social media can wait.

Like seriously, get off your phone and be a human for once. I dare you. I promise it’s fun to actually engage in conversation, learn about others, hear stories, learn about events in each others lives. It’s not scary. What IS scary is how many people have their phones so close to their face that they practically are smelling their screen, and it IS scary on how many people are so glued to their phone that half the time they even cross the street they almost get hit by a car because they aren’t paying attention.

To the next couple, or the next kids that go to dinner with their families I ask of you one thing. Don’t go on your phone. Social media can wait because time with your loved ones, or significant other, is in the end the most important. Tomorrow is not promised making each moment so precious.

Fitness Week 6

As mentioned previously, I am now following a new account on Instagram where I can find new workouts to try. It is important to remember to always change up your workouts because of your body’s muscle memory. In the Woman’s Health Magazine, I learned a lot of muscle memory and how it works. Adam Knight, Ph.D who is an assistant professor of biomechanics at Mississippi State University says, “When you move, you activate sensors in your muscles, tendons, and joints that constantly give feedback to your central nervous system about where your body is in space, so it knows what muscles to fire next, and that It’s a continuous feedback loop from your brain to your muscles and back.”

One of the most important things that I have learned is that If you haven’t worked out for a good amount of time don’t stress it! Your body remembers how you used to lift weights and work out since it retains information and you will actually retain more of your muscle fibers and pump more iron. If you are someone that works out 3-4 times a week or maybe even everyday, then it is in your best favor to switch up the pounds in what you are lifting because your body is coming stronger and also switch up your workout routines. Since your muscles remember the workouts that you do, you might not gain the tone or muscles as much as you would like because you are not working them out in a different way, causing your muscles to get “to used” to it.

Today I worked out legs and tried a new workout that I saw on the social media account on Instagram that I follow. It was hard at first because it was something that my body was not used to since I have never done it before, causing more of a burn.

This workout was used with a helping bar as known as the Smith Machine (used for squatting) that has some resistance to help with the weight that you are lifting. Based off the video, the first step is to grab a bench and place it behind the bar where you go to squat. On the bench behind you, place your left ( or right) foot on it so you are now standing on one foot with the squat bar resting on the back of your shoulders. You then go down and then back up doing this between 12 and 15 times each leg. This workout is used for strengthening and toning your thighs.


Here is a picture of exactly the movement should properly look, but just imagine holding a squat bar that is  rested on the back of your shoulders.

The first set should be done without any weight added to the bar since the first set is a warm-up. You then add the desired weight to both sides, starting off light and gradually increasing it after each set. The second and third set ( first and second with weight) I placed a 10 and a 5 on each side.  I did 15 reps with each leg. Once I finished this, I then took off those weights and places on each side a 25. Now that the weight was obviously increased, I reduced my last two sets to 12 reps on each side.

This is definitely a workout that I would recommend especially when trying to find a workout that makes you feel a burn and build endurance, muscle, and also tone.